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About Nirvana
On April 4th, we asked Hank Harrison what he thought of the April 2nd Dateline piece he appeared in, and if he had an official statement. The following is what he sent us.
The recent Dateline tribute to Cobain was hardly a tribute at all. It was, instead a poorly focused hatchet job, opposed to any conspiracy theories of any kind. The piece was filmed by stringers in remote locations and Matt Laurer never even left the studio or spoke to anyone on the telephone. Notice you never saw Lauer in the same shot with me or Wallace and Halperin or Tom Grant or even Patty Schmeel. By the way, why was Patty interviewed at all? She looks good OK, but she's an ex-junkie and she gets royalties from Courtney. What else can she say? Terrific drummer though.

There was, in fact, so much wrong with the Dateline piece, I hardly know were to begin. First of all the Cobain segment was wedged between Pee-Pee Herman and a plug for the Alamo. I guess me first eh?

The local NBC crew, came to my ranch and took 2 hours of videos, interviews and b-rolls, and used dozens of location shots, but less than 20 seconds of any of that made it to the broadcast. I was careful to make sure I looked good and professional, but they chose one comment and took that out of context. this could have only been done to make me look bad. Here is what I said:

Question NBC: What do you think of Tom Grant?

Answer Hank: Oh he's an Ok guy, a bit Neanderthal for my taste, but murders make for strange bedfellows. Grant thinks I am a sociopath, but sociopaths rarely go for therapy and I have been through hundreds of hours, plus I am a pretty good therapist myself. LOL smile.

Here is what appeared on screen: "I am a sociopath." making it look like I was calling myself a sociopath. That's it nothing else. It had been edited to make me look stupid. Now there is one thing I know about sociopaths, they never put themselves down, so I couldn't be a sociopath. Its a case of pop psych meeting bad journalism...I guess Lauer has been fighting with Katie too long.

OK so here is my advice... Anyone interested in the Cobain case should know certain facts and especially newcomers who are coming on board late in the game.

There is no resolution to this crime, and it was a crime. There will be no reopening of the case, except as a public forum. Courtney will never go to Jail for killing her husband, (although she may wind up there for assault, arson or manslaughter, even possibly child abuse and/or embezzlement of funds from Kurt's royalties.)

In my opinion there is no reason for Tom Grant to be involved anymore. He has, like myself, become a caricature of himself, and he presents himself as decidedly philistine and Anti-intellectual. Plus he has always hated intellectuals and has clever little names for us. To him we are not bohemians, we are egg-heads or pinkos, or red diaper doper babies. To him I seem like a sociopath because I have a criminal record, I still occasionally smoke pot, and I swear in mixed company...but that's OK because I command a vocabulary beyond 400,000 words in at least 3 languages plus latin and I write my own books, all seven of them, of which only one has anything to do with first person. By the way, Grant hated Clinton and was a body guard for Paula Jones. He claims he wants no money from the Cobain case, and yet his biggest secret was revealed right there on the Dateline broadcast, clearly, He was bankrupt and broke in Hollywood in 1996 and now he has a new Jeep and he's living near Salinas in a new house. I assume he has a license to be a detective and I assume he gets a kick-back or part of the contract from Halperin's book.

No doubt he is behind Halperin and Wallace, the two Canadian writers who have now put out the same book under a new name. By Wallace's own admission, (to me on the phone) its an attempt at an update, viz a vi, to bring out new material, but it has scant new material in it. The only new material they presented on Dateline was the fact that Kurt's so called suicide note was written on an I HOP place mat. I suggest we boycott that book starting now. Let it go back to the remainder bins of the world.

Now, you see why I wasn't going to lay my book out on the net. I tested these guys and Halperin, at least failed miserably. He's a jerk, his wife of six months left him back in 1998, while Max has been with the same lady for 10 years and I have been with Triona for 22 years. Halperin still owes me 400 bucks for a personal debt dating back to 1997, and he's written a bunch of books since. By the way Max Wallace's mother came to stay with us for a few days and we drove down to LA to meet her, we went through the Holocaust museum just to prove to them that we were not anti-Semites. She wasn't convinced until she discovered I could tell the difference between a Chagall from a Matisse.

My book will benefit for having waited this long, like old wine. I assure you, you will love it, its soft read, like a pair of old slippers, its hip, and clever and you will see the whole picture, because honestly folks, I am the only one who really does have the whole picture.

Love to you all, Hank Harrison

While not an official response to Harrison's statement, Tom Grant posted the following at his web site on April 10th 2004.

In spite of what some are saying, I have no financial interest in the Love And Death Book. There are no "behind the scenes" or "under the table deals" here. As with other journalists, I provided material to the authors without charge.

This is an independent project by Ian Halperin and Max Wallace. They, alone, obtained the backing of a huge publishing company, Simon And Schuster. They are to be congratulated for a job well done.

Everyone has to make a living. Hundreds, if not thousands of writers and other media personnel have been paid well for their work and for the stories they've published about one of rock's greatest icons, Kurt Cobain. It's a bit hypocritical of those in the media who claim Halperin and Wallace are "capitalizing" on Cobain's death, while these same accusers are being paid very well to cover the story!

Understanding I'd be quickly written off as someone trying to make a fast buck, my strategy, from the beginning, has been to get the information to the public, one way or another, while refusing to allow a famous celebrity with an army of attorneys stand in the way. So, as I've said from the beginning--this is a long, slow process, but the job is getting done!

I highly recommend the book Love And Death. If it continues to do well, this book may be the beginning of the end in our quest to uncover the truth behind the death of Kurt Cobain.

Thank you all for your support and patience!


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