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About Nirvana
Courtneyís character is fundamentally flawed, and anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see her for the psychopath that she is. There are countless people who have testified to this fact. She obviously has serious mental problems, she cannot be allowed to act in the way that she does without being challenged. There is a trail of dead people behind her. I cannot believe that she has fans or people who admire her. Anyone who falls into this category is either a budding psychopath themselves, or too lazy to consider the evidence.

Kristen Pfaff had used heroin, but she had been through rehab, she was clean and she was leaving Seattle and Hole and Courtney behind. This is exactly the same for Kurt. Both ended up dead, both had heroin/morphine in their systems at the time of death. Both of them had contact with people Courtney was close to, just before they died. Michael DeWitt and Eric Erlandson. DeWitt and Erlandson both had experience of drug use.

Kristen was genuinely upset over Kurtís death and she seemed to be scared about something. She was desperate to get away from Courtney. So was Kurt, he had enough of being belittled, enough of having to censor his words and actions, enough of listening to Courtney going on about designers and mansions and luxury cars and money money money. Kurt wanted to get some quality back in his life, he was ready to ditch Courtney. Both of them died before they got the chance. How many reasons do the Seattle Police need? I find myself torn between mocking the Seattle Police Departmentís incompetence and trying to reason with them and be respectful. Torn between begging them in the sincerest manner to reopen these cases and degrading them for their shoddy work. Chief Stamper I beg you, please do something to redress what has happened, for Kurt and for Kristen. Until you reopen these cases your Police Department will be open to ridicule born of the frustration and anger your verdicts have caused. Your verdicts have condemned two dead people to stand accused of acts they did not commit. The names of these people have been destroyed so that a raging madwoman can walk free.

Janet PfaffOn June 15th 1994 Kristen was packed and ready to leave. She was joining up with her old band Janitor Joe. The truck was packed, her friend Paul Erickson was ready to drive her and her belongings far away from Courtney early the next day. Eric Erlandson paid Kristen a visit that evening at around 8pm he is the last known person to see Kristen alive. At 9am the following morning Paul Erickson let himself into Kristenís flat, he called her, there was no reply. He realized the bathroom door was locked, he called her again, again no reply. He broke the bathroom door down, Kristen was dead in the bath, heroin paraphernalia were on the floor. This is similar to the scene of the crime at Kurtís house. Erickson called 911. If the police and medical services arrived shortly thereafter, at what point did the following happen?

ďI had to go over there and get Eric away from the body. Kristen had been his lover for a really long time. Heíd already broken down bathroom door after bathroom door for her.Ē (Courtney, Rolling Stone, December 15th 1994.)

What kind of lock did the bathroom door have? If it was a key, where was the key? Was it in the door on the inside? Was it on the floor inside the bathroom? Was there an unlocked window in the bathroom? It is the same scenario as Kurt and the greenhouse. The police wanted us to believe Kurt had locked himself in there and that no-one else could have gained access. Thanks to Tom Grant, we know that is not the case. How thorough were the Seattle police in investigating Kristenís apartment? Probably as thorough as they were at the scene of the greenhouse. I have no faith in the Seattle Police Department. We will probably never know if there was a key and where it was, or if there was an unlocked window. Itís a terrible shame that Tom Grant wasnít there to investigate, we would all know a lot more. Tom Grant has done some investigation into Kristenís death, he does have some information. I trust Grant, I back him 100%.

Kristen deserves that these questions are asked on her behalf, even if Courtney and Eric donít like it.

If there is the slightest chance Courtney and Erlandson were both in the bathroom before Erickson discovered Kristen, then the Seattle Police have a duty to investigate this. Even if this occurred after Erickson found Kristen, there is still the fact that Erlandson was possibly the last person to see Kristen alive to consider. How difficult would it be for Courtney to suggest to Erlandson that he give Kristen a going away present, one last hit before she started her new life? Courtney could have supplied heroin of a higher purity than normal, Erlandson might just have been giving her normal smack for all he knew, he may not have realized what was happening. Because Kristen (and Kurt) were clean, their systems could not tolerate this purity, they lapsed into unconsciousness and one died in the bath, and the other was shot. Because of the connection between Courtney and both Erlandson and DeWitt, and the proximity of them to Kristen and Kurt, the possibility that Courtney was involved must be seriously investigated Erlandson could have visited Kristen with his ďgiftĒ, he talked her into it, she died. Erlandson freaked out and called Courtney, she went over to calm Eric, and they left the premises. When a dead person is found, and that person is unfortunate enough to have been involved with Courtney Love, and that person was on the verge of disentangling themselves from her, then Courtney must be investigated.

(In the Love & Death book released April 2004, it is revealed that Kristen Pfaff's mother, Janet has never accepted the official story regarding her daughter's death. Janet was interviewed by authors Wallace and Halperin in August 2003. See Chapter 10, page 231)

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